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Sunday, July 14, 2024
EthereumLarge Holder of Ethereum Transfers 193 Million Worth of ETH to Kraken...

Large Holder of Ethereum Transfers 193 Million Worth of ETH to Kraken Exchange

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Early Ethereum Whale Invests $46.5K in 2015, Now Valued at $476M

A significant transaction occurred today as an early participant in the Ethereum ICO deposited 5,500 $ETH to the Kraken exchange, worth approximately $19.3 million. Just before the price of $ETH took a further dip 3 hours ago, the whale made this substantial deposit.

This whale has been involved in Ethereum since its ICO in 2015 when they acquired 150,000 $ETH at a price of $0.31 per $ETH, amounting to an initial investment of $46,500. Over the past 2 days, they have deposited a total of 10,000 $ETH ($35.4 million) to Kraken.

Despite these impressive transactions, the whale remains a significant holder of Ethereum, with holdings of 139,000 Ether valued at around $476 million spread across eight wallets.

The movement of such large volumes of Ethereum by early investors like this whale often attracts attention from the cryptocurrency community, sparking speculation about market strategies and potential market swings. Analysts will be monitoring how these actions impact the price of Ethereum in the coming days, given its current volatility.

This case underscores the enduring presence of early investors in the cryptocurrency market and their influence on trading platforms.

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