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DeFiExclusive Interview with Waves and UnitsNetwork CEO Sasha Ivanov Revolutionizing DeFi

Exclusive Interview with Waves and UnitsNetwork CEO Sasha Ivanov Revolutionizing DeFi

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The cryptocurrency sector remains dynamic, continually adapting to evolving financial demands, steadfast in its mission to establish a sustainable and decentralized financial ecosystem. Among the prominent figures driving this evolution is Sasha Ivanov, CEO and Co-Founder of WAVES and Units.Network. WAVES operates on a proof-of-stake blockchain network, while Units.Network fosters innovation through interconnected blockchain solutions. This exclusive interview provides insights into Ivanov’s ventures and the sector, highlighting the significant achievements of the “Power Protocol” in the past year, which has transformed ecosystem initiatives into decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

To begin, could you provide a concise explanation of blockchain technology and its potential to revolutionize the financial sector?

Blockchain technology fundamentally removes intermediaries between products and users, fostering a transparent, cost-effective, and secure financial infrastructure. By eliminating counterparty risks associated with centralized entities like banks or trading platforms, blockchain ensures a robust and trustworthy financial system.

What motivated your entry into the crypto and DeFi realms?

I’ve always viewed crypto’s financial aspect as just one facet of a broader societal transformation. Blockchain has the potential to disrupt traditional governance models by introducing technical consensus in place of social consensus. I envision the rise of large-scale DAOs as viable alternatives to centralized governance, heralding a new era of decentralized administration.

What are the current challenges hindering crypto trading activity, and how can they be overcome?

Presently, market stagnation may stem from geopolitical uncertainties, notably upcoming US elections. While volatility is expected, crypto markets generally outperform traditional financial markets due to their perception as a hedge against economic instability. Despite recent correlations with traditional markets, crypto maintains its allure as a reliable alternative.

Could you outline the innovative ‘Power Protocol’ and the vision that guided your notable project last year?

The ‘Power Protocol’ advances DAO governance by introducing accountability, rewarding decision-makers for aligned outcomes and penalizing deviations. This mechanism ensures efficient governance and goal attainment within DAOs by promoting effective decision-makers.

How does ‘Power Protocol’ differentiate itself from other governance models?

The key distinction lies in its ongoing governance refinement, evaluating individual participants’ efficacy and adjusting their governance power accordingly. This approach streamlines decision-making, empowering participants whose objectives align closely with DAO goals.

What are the main features of your groundbreaking project contributing to DAOs, DeFi, and financial management tools?

Units.Network aims to push the Layer 2 narrative to its logical conclusion, ensuring full interoperability and decentralization across all layers connected through a foundational layer. All chains within Units.Network are fully interoperable and EVM-compatible, facilitating trustless connectivity across the network.

How does your co-founded project WAVES bolster decentralized finance objectives?

Operating on the Power Protocol, WAVES’ ecosystem is fully decentralized, with projects funded through the Waves DAO. In the forthcoming Units.Network ecosystem, governance will be entirely decentralized, demonstrating that sustainable blockchain ecosystems thrive on decentralized incentives, supporting long-term technological advancement.

Can you elaborate on Units.Network’s efforts to enhance financial sectors and communities?

Units.Network simplifies blockchain launch processes, enabling easy deployment and blockspace security. Initially renowned for its token issuance simplicity, Units.Network now extends this ease to launching entire blockchains via DAO proposals, without the need for validator node management.

Is there anything further you’d like to share for inclusion in the article?

Despite the challenges faced in recent years, the Waves ecosystem, launched in 2016, remains resilient and adaptive. The upcoming launch of Units.Network marks a new chapter, positioning Waves as a fully decentralized, versatile ecosystem capable of supporting diverse Web3 initiatives.

Our conversation with Sasha Ivanov underscores the vast potential of the DeFi sector, fueled by pioneering initiatives such as Units.Network and the ‘Power Protocol.’ Units.Network’s integration has transformed the Waves platform into a fully decentralized arena. Ivanov remains optimistic about DeFi’s growth, despite current market pauses influenced by macroeconomic factors. Initiatives like the ‘Power Protocol’ are pivotal in paving the way for a promising future in the DeFi landscape.

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