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DeFiCopper and Sui Join Forces to Revolutionize Financial Blockchain Infrastructure

Copper and Sui Join Forces to Revolutionize Financial Blockchain Infrastructure

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Copper and Sui have come together in a groundbreaking partnership that has the potential to revolutionize how institutions interact with blockchain ecosystems. Copper, a leading provider of digital asset services including custody, collateral management, and prime brokerage, has joined forces with Sui, a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain.

This partnership aims to enrich the stable coin and Real-World Asset (RWA) foundation of the Sui network, which connects off-chain finance marketplaces to on-chain possibilities.

The collaboration between Copper and Sui represents a significant milestone for the Sui ecosystem, as it now benefits from enhanced foundational infrastructure provided by Copper’s robust custody support. This integration addresses the needs of financial institutions that require efficient and secure treasury services for their tokenized assets.

The decentralized nature of Sui’s network makes it particularly attractive to institutional players, opening up opportunities for increased adoption and the development of innovative financial solutions on the blockchain.

Copper and Sui have announced a strategic partnership that will enable robust custody infrastructure and support for network users. The integration with the Sui Foundation includes custody support for L1 and L2, as well as built-in staking support and connectivity to decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Greg Siourounis, Managing Director of the Sui Foundation, emphasizes the strategic nature of this alliance, highlighting its ability to meet the complex infrastructure needs of institutional entities within the Sui ecosystem.

Copper has also collaborated with Sui to provide firewall and custodian services for the security of SUI tokens, with the successful completion of the first phase. In the future, there are plans to integrate staking and decentralized finance (DeFi) applications to further enhance Copper’s offerings on Sui and drive institutional demand for using Sui.

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