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BlockchainTop Cryptocurrency Staking Pools Offering High Annual Percentage Yields

Top Cryptocurrency Staking Pools Offering High Annual Percentage Yields

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Lookonchain, a prominent forum for on-chain analytics, recently conducted an analysis of cryptocurrency staking pools based on their Annual Percentage Yield (APY). According to their findings, Lookonchain has compiled a list of staking pools offering high APYs to assist crypto enthusiasts in making informed decisions. The forum announced these findings via its official social media account on X.

Lookonchain Reveals Top Staking Pools Ranked by APY
In its latest announcement on X, Lookonchain detailed the leading staking pools based on APY. Leading the list is “Justlend,” a staking pool utilizing the $TRX token, boasting an impressive APY of up to 17.46%. Following closely is “Amnis Finance,” another staking pool with the $APT token, securing the second position with an APY of approximately 9.26%. Further down the list, Lookonchain highlighted “Ethena,” identified by its native token sUSDe.

“Spark” Secures Fourth Place with an APY of 8%
Lookonchain noted that the “Spark” staking pool, featuring the $DAI token, achieved an APY of about 8%, placing it fourth overall. This places “Spark” just behind “Amnis Finance” in the rankings. By providing this curated list, Lookonchain aims to empower crypto users to optimize their investment strategies for greater profitability.

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