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BlockchainTop CrossChain Bridges by Volume in the Past 30 Days

Top CrossChain Bridges by Volume in the Past 30 Days

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In the ever-changing realm of cryptocurrency, the seamless exchange of assets, data, and value across different blockchain networks is of utmost importance. A variety of trustworthy cross-chain bridges is crucial for crypto users to efficiently navigate this landscape. According to DefiLlama data, the top cross-chain bridges by volume in the last 30 days are as follows. Across leads the pack with an impressive $1.05 billion in volume over the past month, proving to be a preferred choice among users due to its reliability and effectiveness in cross-chain transactions.

The wide range of reliable cross-chain bridges is currently a necessity for crypto users to exchange assets, data, and value between multiple blockchain networks. Let’s compare the top cross-chain bridges by volume in the last 30 days… pic.twitter.com/88tVcjRAWS — TOP 7 ICO | #StandWithUkraine (@top7ico) July 3, 2024

Following closely is Circle CCTP, with a recorded volume of $943 million. Stargate is also a significant player in the field, facilitating $842 million in cross-chain exchanges. These bridges offer robust solutions for users seeking to transfer assets across different blockchain networks.

In the mid-tier category, IBC follows with $535 million, trailed by Orbiter Finance at $479 million. The Arbitrum Bridge also sees significant usage, handling $414 million in volume. These platforms provide essential services to the crypto community, ensuring smooth asset transfers across various chains.

Synapse and deBridge are worth mentioning, with volumes of $385 million and $368 million, respectively. These platforms are gaining traction and becoming increasingly popular among users for their cross-chain capabilities. zkBridge and Connext round out the list, recording $318 million and $286 million in volume, respectively. These newer entrants are showing promise and contributing significantly to the cross-chain ecosystem.

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