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BlockchainTernoa Reveals zkEVM Testnet Introducing Native Privacy and Integrity Verifications

Ternoa Reveals zkEVM Testnet Introducing Native Privacy and Integrity Verifications

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Ternoa has recently unveiled a groundbreaking project called zkEVM+, a layer 2 solution developed on Ethereum by Polygon, designed to enhance the security of blockchain through confidential computing. The platform’s testnet launch of zkEVM+ aims to provide censorship resistance through integrity proofs.

As Ethereum continues to scale, the importance of trust assumptions for digital asset holders cannot be understated. zkEVM+ is Ternoa’s innovative approach to making ETH a safer environment, utilizing a combination of ZK + TEEs proofs developed on Polygon CDK and Avail Project DA, co-implemented with 0xZeeve.

The announcement of the zkEVM+ testnet release was made on Ternoa’s official social media accounts and through an exclusive blog post on Medium. The platform highlighted that zkEVM+ offers native privacy and integrity proofs for users and builders within the Ethereum ecosystem. Polygon CDK is credited with the development of zkEVM+, incorporating Avail Data Availability and hybrid coprocessor capabilities in a unique architecture.

Anurag Arjun, co-founder of Avail and Polygon, commended zkEVM+ as a significant contribution to Ternoa’s efforts in scaling Ethereum’s roadmap. Ternoa, known for having one of the largest France-based blockchain infrastructure communities, has established partnerships with major corporate entities like Stellantis and Caisse des Dépôts & Consignations, as well as gaming companies such as Tap Nation and Toho Studios.

The release of zkEVM+ follows the launch of a privacy stack on a Polkadot sdk layer 1 chain, showcasing Ternoa’s commitment to enterprise adoption through strategic collaborations. The platform is actively supporting EVM developers by offering exclusive initiatives and grants worth nearly $500k to onboard new projects and developers during the Testnet phase.

Decentralized applications like “Time Guardian” and the abstracted wallet “Keeper Defi” are already benefiting from Ternoa’s privacy stack, providing unique opportunities in the DeFi space. With Ternoa’s ongoing efforts to provide a secure infrastructure for app developers, the platform is paving the way for a more secure and scalable blockchain ecosystem.

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