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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainSophon Teams up with Aethir to Offer Decentralized Compute to the ZK...

Sophon Teams up with Aethir to Offer Decentralized Compute to the ZK Community

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Sophon, a blockchain network powered by zkSynch technology with a focus on entertainment, has revealed an exclusive partnership with Aethir. This collaboration will connect Aethir’s 800,000 resilient decentralized compute community to over three million consumers who have signed up for Sophon’s pre-launch campaigns.

The partnership between Sophon and Aethir will allow the ZK community to access decentralized compute capabilities. As part of the agreement, Sophon will integrate Aethir into its ecosystem following the launch of its mainnet, scheduled for the third quarter of this year. Additionally, the two projects will conduct a node swap between their respective communities, following successful node sales.

Aethir functions as a distributed compute platform that powers GPU-driven applications, including those related to AI/ML training and cloud gaming. It consists of a reward infrastructure and checker, as well as real compute providers. Sophon will incorporate the reward infrastructure into its network, handling a significant portion of the rewards distribution and verification process.

Furthermore, Aethir will introduce a permissionless forum to provide compute access on Sophon’s platform. Sophon will also operate checker nodes for Aethir to ensure the network’s reliability and strength. As part of the partnership, each collaborator’s tokens will be allocated to Aethir and Sophon’s node operators, fostering mutual interest in the success of the collaboration.

The collaboration aims to enhance the reliability and accessibility of efficient GPU computing for ML, AI, and cloud-gaming applications. By integrating Aethir’s decentralized compute capabilities with Sophon’s advanced ZK technology, a new era of high-performance computing is expected to emerge.

Aethir leverages Sophon’s state-of-the-art blockchain capabilities to drive innovation. Seb, co-founder of Sophon, expressed excitement about the partnership, describing it as a significant advancement in the Web3 sector. He emphasized that both companies share long-term goals, making the collaboration valuable for both communities.

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