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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
BlockchainRISC Zero Unveils an Exclusive Collaboration with Worldcoin

RISC Zero Unveils an Exclusive Collaboration with Worldcoin

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RISC Zero, a cryptocurrency venture that focuses on creating a scalable and user-friendly blockchain with zero-knowledge proofs, has announced a partnership with Worldcoin, an open-source and decentralized protocol that aims to provide access to the global economy for everyone. RISC Zero shared the news of the collaboration on its official X account.
RISC Zero Joins Forces with Worldcoin
We are excited to announce our collaboration with
. Together, we will help World Chain optimize blockspace through proof aggregation. By utilizing our Universal Verifier & Steel, we will unlock verifiable and limitless computing power for the Superchain ecosystem.
The future is secure.
— RISC Zero (@RiscZero)
June 3, 2024
RISC Zero and Worldcoin Collaborate to Enhance User Experience
In a recent post, RISC Zero revealed its new initiative to assist World Chain in freeing up blockspace. The platform achieves this by employing proof aggregation. RISC’s Universal Steel and Verifier projects enable it to unlock limitless computing power that is verifiable. This power can be utilized to support the Superchain ecosystem. The company expressed confidence in this new endeavor.
Furthermore, in a separate blog post, RISC Zero provided more details about the functionality of Steel. It explained that Steel represents a significant shift in the interaction between developers and EVM-based chains. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs and the RISC Zero zkVM, Steel allows developers to make view calls, as well as provably compute and read over Ethereum in a secure, scalable, and cost-effective manner.
This project aims to bridge the gap between zero-knowledge technology and app development on the Ethereum platform. This makes it easier for developers to leverage the capabilities of zero-knowledge proofs for smart contracts. Steel, combined with the abilities of the RISC Zero zkVM, enables developers to create more efficient, scalable, and secure apps on Ethereum layer 1 or other EVM-equivalent chains.
The Partnership Benefits Developers and Users Alike
RISC Zero’s Universal Verifier will be available on various chains, enabling affordable and convenient on-chain proof posting. It also allows developers and blockchains to leverage off-chain computing and verifiable execution without limitations. Developers can use Rust projects in RISC Zero’s zkVM to seamlessly create proofs and validate them on-chain.
Moreover, developers can benefit from Rust crates for tasks such as HTML parsing, JWT verification, and game development using game engines. On the other hand, users can enjoy decentralized applications (dApps) on-chain that are similar to Web2 apps, but with the added advantage of off-chain execution. Additionally, dApps do not require performance tradeoffs, resulting in an improved user experience.

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