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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainNimble Network and Marlin Protocol Establish Strategic Partnership

Nimble Network and Marlin Protocol Establish Strategic Partnership

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Exciting news from Nimble Network as they announce a new strategic partnership with Marlin Protocol, a well-known verifiable computing protocol. This collaboration brings together two highly respected teams in the decentralized technology sector, aiming to create a powerful alliance between major tech companies. By combining their resources, they are set to drive innovation in the decentralized AI landscape.

The alliance between @Nimble_Network and @MarlinProtocol is a result of the shared vision of two reputable teams in the space, working together to push the boundaries of decentralized technology. Both projects have a common goal of…

— Nimble Network (@Nimble_Network)
June 20, 2024

Nimble Network is enhancing AI security with Marlin’s Trusted Execution Environments (TEE) and zk-based coprocessors, which will significantly improve trust and verifiable cloud experiences. This technology will ensure that AI computations are always secure and confidential. By leveraging Marlin’s TEE-based coprocessors, Nimble can guarantee the privacy and integrity of their AI calculations, providing users with a more reliable service.

Positioned to be the leading marketplace for tokenized on-chain AI assets in the decentralized AI industry, Nimble Network will benefit from Marlin’s serverless framework, allowing developers to deploy multiple AI agents without the constraints of node rentals. Developers will only incur runtime costs, eliminating management overheads.

Marlin’s networking capabilities integrated into its framework will enhance Nimble’s AI operations, providing a secure TLS connection for AI agents to interact with external services and make API calls. This feature ensures secure information exchange, further improving Nimble’s AI offerings.

Through relay contracts with Marlin, this partnership enables on-chain resource optimization for Nimble, ensuring quick and effective applications of artificial intelligence. Together, Nimble Network and Marlin Protocol are poised to revolutionize the Decentralized AI industry, offering developers the right computational and data resources for AI development.

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