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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainIQwiki reveals the incorporation of its IQ GPT Chat Bot with Openmesh...

IQwiki reveals the incorporation of its IQ GPT Chat Bot with Openmesh Network

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IQ.wiki, a reputable blockchain encyclopedia, has recently unveiled a special collaboration with an open-source initiative. According to the platform, it is joining forces with Openmesh, an open-source project dedicated to building data infrastructure for securely storing global data. The company made this announcement on its official social media account on X.

Exciting news! @OpenmeshNetwork, an open-source project focused on revolutionizing data and infrastructure management, has integrated the top #AI assistant, IQ GPT Chatbot. pic.twitter.com/29SJD4TIjV — IQ (@IQWIKI) June 16, 2024

IQ.wiki Announces Integration of its Chat Bot IQ GPT with Openmesh

In the announcement, IQ.wiki expressed its excitement about the integration. When discussing Openmesh, the platform revealed that Ashton Hettiarachi founded the network in 2020. The project is designed to collect, encrypt, store, process, and stream data, providing seamless interaction without the need for registration, payments, or licensing.

Initially, Openmesh is focused on Web3 data, particularly for blockchain and cryptocurrency applications. By 2024, it plans to expand its scope to include scientific and health-related research. Developer tools like Xnode aim to facilitate the rapid creation of data clouds, while the Pythia application allows data scientists to manage Web3 and crypto data products.

The Project Aims to Create a Realm of Accessible, Decentralized, and Open Data

IQ.wiki highlights that Openmesh is guided by principles of community governance, transparency, and decentralization. The project’s goal is to establish a realm where accessible, decentralized, and open data is available to all, ensuring the free flow of information for future generations.

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