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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
BlockchainIOTA EVM Integrates with Blast API for Trustworthy Endpoints

IOTA EVM Integrates with Blast API for Trustworthy Endpoints

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IOTA EVM, a renowned open-source, feeless, permissionless, and scalable distributed ledger, has unveiled a new collaboration. The platform has integrated with Blast, a subscription-based multichain API forum known for its reliable and fast access to Web3 networks. This significant development was announced on the social media platform X.
The announcement read, ” New #IOTAEVM integration by @BlastAPI! Built by @BwareLabs, they provide real-time data access and reliable endpoints for #dApps and users . Boost your dApp’s performance with fast, low-latency interactions & tailored plans for developers. #IOTA https://t.co/kmgzCPlYVh pic.twitter.com/SYoDbNOUqa” – IOTA (@iota) June 17, 2024.
IOTA EVM Collaborates with Blast API to Deliver Reliable Endpoints
Additionally, the company shared a blog post on its official website highlighting the integration’s emphasis on providing resilient and dependable endpoints. These endpoints are designed to facilitate decentralized applications and users, ensuring accessible and swift communication between IOTA EVM and Blast API.
Blast API offers a range of robust endpoints through its globally distributed node infrastructure, essential for the efficient functioning of decentralized applications. These endpoints not only support developers in advancing their ecosystems but also ensure seamless app accessibility.
The integration leverages strong and reliable endpoints to enhance availability and stability on IOTA EVM, significantly improving the user experience on the distributed ledger. Blast API hosts over 87,000 endpoints across more than thirty-nine chains and seventy-six networks, including Sui, Polygon, Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Arbitrum, Aptos, and others.
With a primary goal of empowering developers and ecosystems by providing efficient endpoints, Blast API aims to establish itself as a leading API forum in the DeFi space. Developers can choose from a variety of plans to meet their specific requirements, ensuring scalability and application development needs are met.
Node Distribution Spans 5 Regions Globally for Seamless Experience
Developers on the “free plan” can access seventy-six endpoints and receive up to forty API calls per endpoint per second. To enhance user experience, node distribution spans five regions around the world. This integration marks another milestone in IOTA’s journey towards becoming a preferred destination for innovators, projects, and developers.

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