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BlockchainHex Trust collaborates with Ondo Finance to enhance digital asset custody solutions

Hex Trust collaborates with Ondo Finance to enhance digital asset custody solutions

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Hex Trust has strategically partnered with Ondo Finance to enhance its digital asset custody services, marking a significant move for the company. Through this collaboration, clients will gain access to two of Ondo’s leading yieldcoins, $USDY and $OUSG, broadening institutional access to innovative #DeFi products.

Ondo Finance, known for its unique approach to tokenization, offers $USDY and $OUSG as profitable staking assets in the digital economy. It is important to note that $USDY is not available to individuals in the United States as it has not been registered under the Securities Act of the United States, emphasizing its global perspective.

The inclusion of $USDY and $OUSG into Hex Trust’s custody platform underscores the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive custody services for yieldcoins. This partnership allows Hex Trust’s institutional clients to securely store and manage $USDY and $OUSG, benefitting from the company’s compliant custody services.

Moreover, this collaboration reflects Ondo Finance’s dedication to expanding the accessibility of its financial products to more institutional customers through custody service providers. The company is confident that this partnership with Hex Trust will enhance the global accessibility and desirability of $USDY and $OUSG in the digital currency market.

Hex Trust offers regulated custody solutions to its clients, ensuring strict compliance measures and providing institutional investors with the ability to adjust their portfolios and diversify risks. The partnership between Hex Trust and Ondo Finance signifies an organic collaboration for the development of the digital asset custody space, essential as the industry continues to expand and encourage further institutional adoption of digital assets.

Looking ahead, both Hex Trust and Ondo Finance anticipate a productive integration for their clients, as well as the evolution and advancement of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. This partnership highlights the importance of ensuring safe and secure storage services for the growth of digital assets in the financial market.

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