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Wednesday, July 24, 2024
BlockchainGravita Enhances Security with Chainlink Price Feeds

Gravita Enhances Security with Chainlink Price Feeds

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Gravita is thrilled to unveil the enhancement of its weETH data solution, transitioning from Redstone to the universally recognized Chainlink Price Feeds. This pivotal upgrade is designed to bolster the security and dependability of their ecosystem. The implementation is currently operational for Ether_fi’s weETH Vessels on the Arbitrum, Ethereum, and LineaBuild networks.

️ Exciting news from Gravita Protocol! We’ve elevated our weETH data solution from Redstone to the gold standard of @chainlink Price Feeds! This advancement fortifies security, with the update now active for @Ether_fi’s weETH Vessels over @arbitrum, @ethereum, and @LineaBuild.

— Gravita Protocol (@gravitaprotocol) July 4, 2024

**Fortified Security and Dependability**

Chainlink’s decentralized computation network is renowned for delivering market data that is both secure and precise. This enhancement is vital for the preservation of GRAI’s integrity, Gravita’s debt token, which is at the heart of their platform.

Embracing Chainlink’s robust infrastructure, Gravita reaffirms its pledge to provide the safest DeFi offerings. This move is a testament to their commitment to prioritizing security within the DeFi realm, showcasing their unwavering dedication to delivering the most trustworthy and secure decentralized financial services to their clientele.

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