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BlockchainFox Corporation strengthens Verify Protocol through partnership with Polygon CDK and TIME

Fox Corporation strengthens Verify Protocol through partnership with Polygon CDK and TIME

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Fox Corporation has recently announced a new partnership with TIME, a major media brand, marking the beginning of their collaboration on the Verify Protocol on Polygon. This partnership will see TIME as the first external publishing collaborator on the platform, utilizing the blockchain-based media forum.

Verify, created by Fox’s Emerging Technology team in collaboration with @gelatonetwork, is an open-source project that welcomes developers and users to contribute to the source code. This move aims to further the mission of transparent content verification.

The Verify Protocol, part of Fox Corporation’s content verification and licensing strategy, was launched in partnership with Polygon Labs on the proof-of-stake network of Polygon earlier this year. By cryptographically signing content on the blockchain, Verify enables consumers to autonomously verify its authenticity from a genuine publisher.

In addition to content verification, Verify Protocol is also exploring content licensing deals with artificial intelligence platforms, focusing on the intellectual property of media companies and creating new commercial opportunities through smart contracts.

TIME’s COO, Mark Howard, expressed excitement about the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of reliable information in today’s world. The integration of Verify will provide a trustworthy source for fact-based journalism.

Fox Corporation has revealed plans to work with Gelato to transition Verify into an autonomous zero-knowledge blockchain operating on Ethereum. This partnership will leverage Polygon’s chain development kit to enhance content verification and streamline interactions, making it more accessible and efficient for developers.

With over 300,000 content pieces from Fox Business, Fox News, and Fox Sports, Verify will play a crucial role in ensuring the authenticity of images and articles across Fox TV stations. The innovative technology behind Verify aims to revolutionize content verification and provide a secure platform for transparent and authentic journalism.

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