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Monday, July 22, 2024
BlockchainENS Ecosystem Supports OpenSource Projects with 50000 USDC through Drips

ENS Ecosystem Supports OpenSource Projects with 50000 USDC through Drips

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The ENS Ecosystem Working Group has announced a new initiative to provide financial support to essential open-source projects and their creators through the Drips Network. Over the next six months, a total of $50,000 USDC will be distributed to seven core projects, including Wagmi, ethers.js, graphql-request, OpenZeppelin contracts, noble hashes, scure-base, and dns-packet. This program reflects ENS DAO’s commitment to rewarding crucial OSS initiatives that are vital for the proper functioning of their systems.

By utilizing the Drips Network, ENS is pioneering a new cultural norm of continuous and transparent funding for public infrastructure. Eleftherios Diakomichalis, the creator of Drips, emphasizes the simplicity and clarity of this method, which sets an example for future funding of public goods.

Slobo.eth, the ENS ecosystem steward, recognizes the significance of Drips in supporting open-source developers within the ENS Ecosystem. This initiative demonstrates ENS DAO’s appreciation for foundational projects that underpin their system, providing financial support not only for direct software dependencies but also for secondary dependencies.

The continuous support provided by ENS for open-source developers sets a standard for other organizations to follow. By ensuring a reliable source of funding, ENS aims to sustain and enhance digital infrastructure, fostering a healthier and more robust open-source ecosystem. This approach highlights the importance of consistent financing for open-source projects to ensure their continued development and maintenance.

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