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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainEnjin collaborates with Crypto Rabbit Hole to integrate board games with blockchain...

Enjin collaborates with Crypto Rabbit Hole to integrate board games with blockchain technology

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Enjin and The Crypto Rabbit Hole (CxRH) have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking phygital game that combines traditional board games and trading cards with innovative blockchain technology. This collaboration is focused on enhancing user engagement and increasing digital asset ownership through Enjin’s powerful blockchain solutions.

The Crypto Rabbit Hole offers an engaging and educational experience by merging physical and virtual in-game items to educate players about the intricacies of cryptocurrency. As a participant in the revamped Spark Program, CxRH utilizes Enjin’s suite of services, making the gameplay process seamless and accessible for users worldwide.

George Katsoulis, Founder & Creative Director of The Crypto Rabbit Hole, expressed gratitude for Enjin’s development tools and resources for indie game developers, emphasizing that Enjin aligns with their values and provides the framework and support needed to create the ultimate gaming experience.

The Crypto Rabbit Hole introduces new digital opportunities by ensuring that every card is an NFT in digital play, giving players true ownership. Hosted on NFT io, the global NFT marketplace on the Enjin Blockchain, players can freely buy or sell their cards. Additionally, Governance NFTs empower the community to influence the game’s development, allowing token holders to vote on new features, content, and stories.

Utilizing the Discord Bot, Enjin connects wallets to the project’s server and grants access to specific channels based on the user’s asset ownership. The physical play mat adds an extra layer of immersion, serving as an ideal entry point for mainstream gamers into the Web3 space. CxRH plans to host live tournaments at popular conventions, including the Australian Crypto Convention in November 2024, with an expected attendance of over 10,000 participants.

The game simplifies crypto learning through entertaining gameplay, making cryptocurrency more accessible and easily understandable. Players will gain knowledge of crypto terminologies and processes, including the creation of non-custodial wallets. As part of this announcement, The Crypto Rabbit Hole is launching its Zealy Marketing Campaign.

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