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Sunday, July 14, 2024
BlockchainDeFi Technologies Valour Inc Broadens ETP Offerings on Spotlight Stock Market

DeFi Technologies Valour Inc Broadens ETP Offerings on Spotlight Stock Market

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DeFi Technologies Inc., a leading company in the development of exchange-traded products (ETPs), has made a significant announcement through its subsidiary, Valour Inc. They have successfully launched two new ETPs on the Spotlight Stock Market. One of the groundbreaking products introduced by Valour Inc. is the world’s first Core (CORE) ETP. Additionally, they have expanded the Hedera (HBAR) ETP to the Spotlight Market, marking a major milestone for the company.

It is worth noting that Valour Inc., known for its expertise in creating ETPs for easy trading of Composite Materials, has recently unveiled the Valour Core ETP. This product allows investors to gain exposure to CORE, the digital asset of the Core blockchain system. In addition to Graphene Symphony, the Core Chain also utilizes Satoshi Plus, which combines the secure architecture of Bitcoin with the flexibility of Ethereum.

In line with this, the Valour Hedera (HBAR) ETP serves as an investment vehicle that offers convenient and secure exposure to HBAR in the cryptocurrency markets. Hedera boasts a market capitalization of approximately $3.7 billion, positioning HBAR among the top thirty tokens globally.

Olivier Roussy Newton, the CEO of DeFi Technologies, expressed his excitement about the listing of these ETPs on the Spotlight Stock Market. He emphasized that this move reaffirms the company’s commitment to expanding access to leading products and services in the digital asset investment sector.

Anders Kumlin, the CEO of Spotlight Stock Market, also commended Valour’s new ETP segment, highlighting the recent introduction of a trading system that allows the trading of multiple ETPs. This system meets the long-term requirements of several firms.

Johanna Belitz, Head of Nordics at Valour, proudly mentioned the launch of Valour Hedera (HBAR) and Valour Core (CORE) in the Nordics as a notable achievement. She emphasized the uniqueness of Valour Core, as it is currently the only ETP with Core as the underlying asset. This addition expands Valour’s product portfolio and reflects the company’s dedication to offering diverse investment options.

In conclusion, Valour Inc., a subsidiary of DeFi Technologies, has successfully listed the world’s first Core (CORE) ETP and expanded the Hedera (HBAR) ETP on the Spotlight Stock Market. These ETPs provide investors with easy and direct exposure to digital assets, showcasing Valour’s vision of bridging the gap between Wall Street and DeFi.

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