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BlockchainChromia Announces MVP Mainnet to Go Live on July 16th

Chromia Announces MVP Mainnet to Go Live on July 16th

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Chromia, a blockchain platform supporting dApp deployment through smartia, a blockchain platform that supports decentralized application (dApp) deployment through smart contracts, has announced a significant milestone. The company has confirmed July 16th as the launch date for its latest project, the “MVP Mainnet,” an interactive blockchain network that will serve as the foundation for the entire Chromia ecosystem.

Chromia Sets July 16th for MVP Mainnet Launch

This project also marks the introduction of the platform’s native CHR token. The launch is expected to enhance the functionality of the CHR coin, enabling it to be integrated into the MVP Mainnet. Currently, Chromia’s tokens are issued on the BNB Chain as BEP-20 and on Ethereum as ERC-20. The MVP Mainnet launch will activate Chromia’s core functions, which are crucial for the platform’s security and operational integrity, including network hosting fees and provider payouts. Once the MVP Mainnet is live, these functions will be managed exclusively through the new network. Henrik Hjelte, Chromia’s co-founder, shared insights on this development.

Hjelte reflected on the company’s journey, which began 12 years ago with Colored Coins, the world’s first token protocol. The company then pioneered a bank-supported stablecoin and explored the potential of integrating relational databases with blockchain technology, a concept that ultimately led to the creation of Chromia.

Enhancing User Experience with Streamlined Solutions

Hjelte noted that after years of development, the concept of a relational blockchain is now being realized with this new project. Alex Mizrahi, another co-founder, highlighted that Chromia uniquely combines blockchain architecture, database theory, and cloud computing principles. This integration aims to provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance user experience. Mizrahi emphasized that this launch is a pivotal step towards the platform’s future development. While the MVP Mainnet will establish Chromia’s core network functions, the next phase will see a significant increase in network activity and innovation.

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