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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainChainstack announces that it will be supporting Oasis on its Chainstack Global...

Chainstack announces that it will be supporting Oasis on its Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes

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Chainstack, a leading suite of services providing Web3 infrastructure to developers, has recently unveiled a new development. According to the company, its Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes are now extending support to the Oasis Protocol, a privacy-focused platform intersecting artificial intelligence and Web3 technologies. The announcement was made on Chainstack’s official social media account on the platform X.

The Chainstack Global Elastic Nodes have officially integrated with the Oasis Protocol as detailed in a recent post by the company. This integration introduces a blockchain ecosystem emphasizing high speed and confidentiality. The collaboration between these two entities brings several benefits to users. One key advantage is the swift and reliable connections offered by Chainstack nodes, ensuring quick interactions.

Furthermore, the partnership emphasizes global reach, reducing latency and boosting performance. A notable feature enabled by this collaboration is Geo-load-balanced architecture. This architecture automatically distributes workloads across various locations, improving performance while reducing disconnect rates.

Additionally, users benefit from outstanding performance through Chainstack’s architecture, which boasts impressive scalability and speed. Furthermore, developers can access these features without incurring monthly fees, making the project particularly appealing to them.

Chainstack Elastic Nodes serve as a highly scalable node infrastructure that open networks can access through their dedicated endpoints. By utilizing an elastic node, users pay for JSON-RPC requests to the node without having to cover storage and compute resources utilized by the node.

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