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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainCelo Foundation Unveils Dango Layer2 Testnet Release

Celo Foundation Unveils Dango Layer2 Testnet Release

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The Dango Layer-2 testnet has been launched by the Celo Foundation, marking a major achievement in cLabs’ efforts to integrate Celo’s blockchain with Ethereum. Developers are now invited to begin testing the updated code on this new version of the Alfajores testnet.

In a breaking announcement, the Dango Layer 2 testnet is now live! This fork of the Alfajores testnet was successfully launched by cLabs, just ahead of EthCC 2024. Developers are encouraged to start testing the updated code. Continue reading for more details and the key benefits of this exciting development.

Dango Layer-2 represents a new era for Celo. This testnet, which was first proposed during EthCC 2023, allows developers to transition their projects to a modern blockchain iteration that is designed for fast and low-cost global payments. All historical data from the Alfajores testnet, including smart contracts, accounts, and balances, is preserved in this launch. Dango is built on Optimism’s OP Stack and combines the advantages of Celo’s Layer 1 with a highly scalable and interoperable blockchain framework.

Thanks to strategic support from the Eigen Foundation and the backing of the community, Dango utilizes EigenDA as a data availability layer to keep transaction fees minimal. The Layer-2 architecture aims to maintain low transaction costs and improve throughput by 50%, reducing the block time from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.

Dango Layer-2 offers several important features. It enables the bridging of WETH and ERC-20 tokens, facilitating seamless transfers between Ethereum and Celo. Furthermore, it ensures 1-block finality for fast and secure transactions. Dango also supports the dual nature of the CELO token, allowing interaction with CELO both natively and via the ERC20 interface. Additionally, it incorporates fee abstraction, which allows multiple ERC-20 tokens to be used as gas currencies, including Celo-native $USDT and $USDC. With SocialConnect, users can send money to phone numbers, email addresses, or other social identifiers. The low gas fees offered by Dango ensure greater accessibility and adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide.

Following the launch of Dango, infrastructure providers are now updating their Layer-2 node code. Once all key providers have implemented the new design, the Alfajores testnet will be upgraded without creating a new fork. This will enable developers to test their end-user dApps without affecting user-facing applications.

The successful achievement of this milestone ahead of the scheduled summer 2024 timeframe paves the way for the highly anticipated Celo Layer-2 mainnet launch in early winter 2024. The Celo Foundation and cLabs remain dedicated to driving innovation and enhancing the blockchain ecosystem, ensuring a smooth transition and strong growth for developers and users alike.

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