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Sunday, July 14, 2024
BlockchainBounceBit Collaborates with LineaBuild on Surge Volt 2 Featuring BBTC

BounceBit Collaborates with LineaBuild on Surge Volt 2 Featuring BBTC

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BounceBit has made an exciting announcement regarding its participation in “The Surge Volt 2” alongside LineaBuild. This collaboration is a significant milestone for BounceBit as it expands its presence and functionality in the crypto ecosystem. Users are encouraged to bridge their BBTC tokens using the bridge provided by Protocol_Free. This bridging process allows users to earn LXP-L points by adding liquidity to LayerBankFi. The main objective of this initiative is to incentivize liquidity provision, thereby improving the overall liquidity and usability of the BBTC token across different platforms.

BounceBit has joined forces with LineaBuild for “The Surge Volt 2” event. Bridge your BBTC tokens with Protocol_Free’s bridge and start earning LXP-L points by adding liquidity to LayerBankFi. The adoption of LCT is gaining momentum! pic.twitter.com/1OnRLAqJeh — BounceBit (@bounce_bit) July 3, 2024

To bridge BBTC tokens, users can visit Free.tech, which now supports the bridging of BBUSD and BBTC from BounceBit to LineaBuild and ModeNetwork. For quick and small transfers of less than 0.2 BBTC or 10k BBUSD, Free.tech offers a fast and efficient cross-chain asset transfer service. For larger transfers exceeding 0.2 BBTC or 10k BBUSD, users are advised to use the Free Tunnel powered by Protocol_Free.

Here’s how to use the Free Tunnel: Users need to connect their wallet and select the “BounceBit Token Bridge” option to initiate a transfer using the Free Tunnel. They can then choose the desired token, specify the amount they want to receive on Mode or Linea, and confirm the recipient’s address. It is important to note that bridging through this channel may take a few hours up to three days, depending on the network conditions and transfer volume.

☀️ Now, https://t.co/z5phhsg800 supports the bridging of BBUSD and BBTC from @bounce_bit to @LineaBuild and @modenetwork!
1️⃣ For quick and small amount transfers (<0.2 BBTC or 10k BBUSD), please use https://t.co/JyDBMq2Wg8 for swift cross-chain asset transfers. 2️⃣ For larger... pic.twitter.com/vsjLaQyXXP — Free (@Protocol_Free) June 17, 2024Once users have successfully bridged their BBTC tokens, they can supply them to LayerBank's lend and borrow market at linea.layerbank.finance/bank. By doing so, users not only contribute to the liquidity pool but also earn LXP-L points, which further encourages participation and engagement within the LayerBankFi ecosystem.BounceBit's move highlights the continuous adoption and integration of LCT (LayerBank Credit Tokens) across various platforms. The strategic partnerships and incentives provided are aimed at promoting the adoption and utility of LCT, ultimately building a more robust and interconnected crypto financial system.

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