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Sunday, July 14, 2024
BlockchainArkham Intelligence partners with Mantle Network to support its L2 platform

Arkham Intelligence partners with Mantle Network to support its L2 platform

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Arkham Intelligence, a leading forum for crypto analytics, has unveiled a new partnership. According to the company, it is teaming up with Mantle Network, a Layer 2 technology stack designed to scale Ethereum, to offer support for its Ethereum L2 solution. This collaboration was announced through Arkham’s official social media account on platform X.

The announcement reads:
“Announcing Arkham x Mantle!
We’re partnering with @0xMantle to integrate their Ethereum L2 onto our platform. Excited to collaborate with @gametheorizing, @Defi_Maestro, @0xGabe_, and the entire Mantle Team to extend our data and tools to their ecosystem. Stay tuned…”

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Arkham Intelligence and Mantle Network Form Partnership

Additionally, Arkham has published a detailed blog post outlining the new alliance. The platform highlighted Mantle’s significant progress since its mainnet launch, boasting an increase of 3.5 million new addresses and securing the 6th position among Ethereum’s top scaling solutions. Moreover, Mantle Network currently manages over $1.2 billion in total locked value.

Furthermore, Mantle supports a diverse DeFi ecosystem encompassing native lending protocols and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Among these lending protocols are Agni Finance, INIT Finance, and Merchant Moe, offering Mantle users access to Arkham for analyzing DeFi transactions, filtering transfers, and setting real-time alerts. This development is expected to greatly benefit users.

The integration between Arkham and Mantle will enhance interoperability, enabling Arkham users to utilize the platform’s full suite of tools. Users can analyze accounts, track fund flows, and monitor other activities using Arkham’s tools within the Mantle Network environment.

Additionally, Mantle Network users can view cross-chain balances from their wallets across the supported twelve EVM chains. They will also gain access to Arkham’s robust toolset, including Dashboards, Alerts, Tracer, and Visualizer features, marking the first instance of such comprehensive integration.

Arkham expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing shared goals of promoting data literacy, accessibility, and transparency in on-chain data within the Mantle ecosystem. Both entities aim to realize these objectives through their collaborative efforts.

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