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BlockchainAleno Joins Pyth Network to Further Enhance Security of Pyth Price Oracle

Aleno Joins Pyth Network to Further Enhance Security of Pyth Price Oracle

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Aleno Joins Pyth Network’s Ensemble of Data Contributors

**Pyth Network** is proud to announce the incorporation of **Aleno** into its esteemed circle of data contributors, bolstering the Pyth price oracle’s defenses with top-tier proprietary data. Hailing from Paris, Aleno is a DeFi-centric service entity catering to asset managers, treasury managers, on-chain enterprises, and institutional bodies. This pivotal integration is set to deliver pinpoint institutional-grade data to the Pyth Price Feeds, while also enhancing the security and efficiency of the DeFi experience across more than 65 blockchain ecosystems.

**Aleno’s Market Data Elevates Pyth Network’s On-Chain Pricing**

By weaving in intricate market data from active PDV markets, Aleno secures authentic on-chain pricing. These figures are then amalgamated with inputs from as many as 63 distinct sources for each Pyth Network feed, culminating in a trustworthy aggregated price flow, instrumental for the operation of smart contracts. Aleno’s input significantly boosts Pyth Network’s ability to furnish over 540 live price data streams, catering to a myriad of DeFi applications strewn across diverse ecosystems, including EVM, Move, Bitcoin, Cosmos, and Solana.

**Antoine Vales**, the Co-founder and CEO of Aleno, expresses contentment with the fruits of this collaboration. He applauds Pyth for its attentiveness and meticulous approach. Vales views the provision of on-chain prices as merely the initial phase and is eager to propel Pyth towards greater on-chain endeavors.

**Enhanced Precision and Trust in Pyth’s Price Oracle Through Partnership**

Aleno’s adaptable pricing solutions position Pyth Network to address the burgeoning needs of new patrons and smart contract architects. The alliance also underscores Aleno’s dedication to refining the DeFi journey.

Initially, Aleno’s focus was on collaborating with adept asset managers to forge premium offerings. These include a wallet data service for Kaiko and notification mechanisms for DeFi asset stewards. Aleno’s service ratings have proven instrumental in serving DeFi asset and treasury managers.

In essence, this collaboration amplifies the functionality and precision of the **Pyth** price oracle, concurrently solidifying the trustworthiness of its data. As DeFi continues its ascent, partnerships of this nature are vital to guarantee that nascent Web3 applications are robust and safeguarded against potential system flaws.


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