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Thursday, July 25, 2024
BlockchainAerodrome Surpasses Significant Milestones in an Unprecedented Timeframe

Aerodrome Surpasses Significant Milestones in an Unprecedented Timeframe

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Aerodrome, which took off just 10 months ago, has achieved an incredible milestone by reaching a staggering $10 billion in volume. This remarkable feat comes a mere 3 months after hitting the $1 billion mark, showcasing an impressive growth trajectory for the company.

A major factor contributing to this success is Slipstream, which now makes up 85% of Aerodrome’s total volume. The undeniable influence of Slipstream on Aerodrome’s operations solidifies its position as a key driver of the platform’s rapid expansion.

In a tweet on June 21, 2024, Aerodrome announced the record volume achieved in Epoch 42, with a groundbreaking $1.78 billion in volume. Slipstream continued to dominate, accounting for over 83% of the total volume. This marks the fourth consecutive epoch where Aerodrome’s volume has surpassed $1 billion.

The recent accomplishments have also resulted in substantial rewards for veAERO voters, who earned a total of $4.06 million in rewards during Epoch 42, with an average vAPR of 58.88%. This lucrative return emphasizes the benefits for stakeholders and the robust health of the Aerodrome ecosystem.

Aerodrome’s rapid growth and the significant role of Slipstream highlight the platform’s strong market position and potential for continued success. As Aerodrome moves forward, the achievements of the past months provide a promising foundation for future milestones.

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