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BitcoinBabylon Teams Up with Merlin in Significant Ecosystem Update to Maximize Bitcoins...

Babylon Teams Up with Merlin in Significant Ecosystem Update to Maximize Bitcoins Potential

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Babylon, a prominent non-custodial platform, has unveiled a series of important initiatives and strategic partnerships with the goal of maximizing the potential of Bitcoin (BTC). These efforts focus on improving accessibility to BTC liquidity and enhancing both yield and security.

On May 28, Babylon successfully introduced the Babylon Bitcoin Staking Testnet-4, which was designed to test the security of staked Signet Bitcoin by assessing user interactions with the Signet BTC test network. The initial cap was quickly reached in less than 20 minutes, highlighting the strong interest and participation in the platform.

Over 70 finality providers have been brought on board to strengthen the system and ensure continued support from the testnet phase onwards. In addition, six wallets supported Babylon during the testnet launch, showcasing a broad ecosystem engagement.

To educate the community, Babylon launched a “Bitcoin Staking 101” blog series that explains the mechanics of Bitcoin staking. They also initiated the BTC Chronicles, a community campaign competition from testnet to mainnet, allowing participants to climb the leaderboard, rank, and show support for Babylon.

Strategic partnerships are key to unlocking Bitcoin’s $1 trillion potential. Babylon’s ecosystem is expanding, attracting major DeFi projects eager to innovate with Bitcoin. Bedrock has introduced uniBTC, a liquid Bitcoin restaking token built on Babylon, enabling BTC holders to earn rewards while maintaining liquidity. Similarly, pStake is set to drive growth in BTCfi by offering BTC holders a pathway to staking yields through their liquid staking solution on Babylon.

Mind Network is using Babylon’s Bitcoin LSTs in combination with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to securely validate PoS networks and subnets without exposing private keys. Chakra ZK-Rollup integrates the Babylon Bitcoin staking protocol to enhance security by using ZK-STARK proofs, enabling interoperability that unlocks Bitcoin’s liquidity stream.

Merlin L2 is integrating Bitcoin’s security into its chain via the Babylon Bitcoin staking protocol, allowing users to stake native BTC and enhance security for any network or chain. Wallets like Cobo have launched dedicated APIs for integrating Bitcoin staking through the Babylon protocol, while Game Plus is building infrastructure for gaming on the Bitcoin blockchain using Babylon’s staking protocol.

Particle Network aims to enable “chain abstraction” by integrating Babylon’s Bitcoin staking as part of a “Dual Staking” security model. Tomo Wallet is the latest to support the Babylon Bitcoin staking protocol, allowing users to stake sBTC directly from the wallet.

With each new partnership, Babylon moves closer to realizing its vision of unlocking Bitcoin’s potential through staking. The future utility of the world’s largest cryptocurrency is becoming clearer, thanks to Babylon’s commitment to innovation and strategic partnerships.

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