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Thursday, July 25, 2024
AltcoinszkSwap Finance and ThirdFi Collaborate

zkSwap Finance and ThirdFi Collaborate

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zkSwap Finance, an influential decentralized exchange operating on the L2 scaling solution zkSync, has recently announced a new partnership. According to zkSwap Finance, it is teaming up with ThirdFi, a well-known protocol that provides infrastructure for Web3, with a focus on strengthening DeFi and interoperability. The platform took to its official account on the social media platform X to reveal this exciting development.

zkSwap Finance ThirdFi
FYI, @thirdfiorg is a legitimate #web3 infrastructure protocol, specializing in Modular #AI for #DeFi and #Data2Earn.
— zkSwap Finance (@zkSwap_finance)
July 2, 2024

zkSwap Finance and ThirdFi Collaborate to Expand the DeFi Sector
In its social media post, the platform discussed the capabilities of ThirdFi, highlighting its expertise in various areas. zkSwap mentioned that one of ThirdFi’s specialties is artificial intelligence. Additionally, it noted that decentralized finance and data-to-earn models are also encompassed within these categories. Alongside zkSwap Finance’s announcement, ThirdFi also informed its users about this collaboration.

The platform shared a detailed post to provide insights into this new venture, expressing excitement for the initiative. Furthermore, ThirdFi stated that zkSwap Finance functions as the first swap-to-earn AMM decentralized exchange on zkSync. Additionally, zkSwap Finance offers a DeFi Hub to facilitate users.

The Collaboration Introduces Modular AI, Enhancing DeFi with Enhanced Computing Accuracy and Data Precision
The platform emphasized that this collaboration involves a joint effort by both entities to introduce modular AI. Through this endeavor, the partners aim to expand the DeFi sector, resulting in increased data precision and computing accuracy within decentralized finance. It was also mentioned that zkSwap was recently integrated into zkSync, further solidifying its presence in the industry.

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