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AltcoinsTRON and Stellar Hustle to Reach 10 Milestone with Influencer Magic BlockDAG...

TRON and Stellar Hustle to Reach 10 Milestone with Influencer Magic BlockDAG in Focus

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BlockDAG has recently gained attention in the cryptocurrency world after receiving a strong endorsement from a well-known crypto influencer. This endorsement has led to a significant boost in its presale, selling over 11.7 billion BDAG coins and generating $52.7 million in revenue. While TRON struggles to meet its expected price of $0.13 and Stellar faces challenges in its recovery, BlockDAG’s innovative approach and strategic initiatives are making waves in the industry. The influencer’s support has piqued the interest of investors, propelling BlockDAG into the spotlight.

Additionally, BlockDAG is revolutionizing the crypto mining sector with its powerful X30 miner, which has the potential to earn up to $6000 per day if BDAG reaches $10.

TRON Price Analysis: Heading Towards $0.13
TRON is experiencing an upward trend, forming an upward channel that indicates a potential rise towards $0.13. The MACD is positive, supporting this bullish momentum. If this trend continues, TRX could challenge the resistance near $0.13.

However, specific support and resistance levels indicated by the Fibonacci Retracement Indicator could lead to price reversals. Profit-taking at the 0.786 Fibonacci level may weaken TRX’s bullish run, possibly causing the price to drop to $0.10.

Stellar Awaits a Significant Recovery
Stellar is aiming to recover from its recent decline, with its price stabilizing above a one-year low of $0.096. The RSI for Stellar is nearing the neutral 50.0 mark, indicating a potential rally. Investors are optimistic as Stellar shows signs of upward movement, supported by a strong funding rate. With the RSI trending upwards, XLM could soon enter a bullish phase, though reaching $1 remains challenging in the current market conditions.

BlockDAG Raises $52.7M in Presale with Influencer Backing
Following a high-profile endorsement by a popular influencer on the Honest Chain YouTube channel, BlockDAG has captured the attention of the crypto community. The video review has garnered over 34,000 views and numerous positive comments, significantly boosting the success of the presale. Starting from Batch 1 at $0.001, the presale has now reached Batch 18, priced at $0.0122 after an 1120% surge. The sale of 11.7 billion BDAG coins has brought in $52.7 million.

The influencer’s review has placed BlockDAG in the spotlight, highlighting its advanced ASIC technology and strategic partnerships, which are setting new industry standards. BlockDAG utilizes a unique proof-of-work consensus mechanism in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) format, enhancing security and scalability. With a mainnet launch scheduled in four months and a testnet debut in mid-August, BlockDAG is steadily progressing with its plans.

The X30 miner is also a standout in the crypto mining sector, boasting a robust 280 GH/s hash rate capable of mining up to 600 BDAG coins per day. If BlockDAG reaches its projected $10 price, the X30 miner could potentially generate $6000 daily. Designed for scalability and efficiency, the X30 miner is an attractive option for both novice and experienced miners, positioning itself as a valuable asset for future crypto mining endeavors.

In conclusion, BlockDAG is emerging as a strong contender in the cryptocurrency space, supported by influential endorsements. With its presale success and cutting-edge technology, BlockDAG has the potential to outperform TRON and Stellar. The promising returns of the X30 miner and BlockDAG’s innovative approach are attracting significant investment interest. While TRON and Stellar navigate market challenges, BlockDAG stands out as an appealing investment opportunity.

Invest in the BlockDAG Presale Now:
Presale Link: https://purchase.blockdag.network
Website: https://blockdag.network
Telegram: https://t.me/blockDAGnetwork
Discord: https://discord.gg/Q7BxghMVyu
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