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AltcoinsTONs Popularity Soars as OnChain Metrics Skyrocket

TONs Popularity Soars as OnChain Metrics Skyrocket

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The Open Network (TON) is currently witnessing a surge in popularity, with various on-chain metrics skyrocketing. According to CryptoQuant, these metrics highlight the steady growth of TON.

The transfer volume on the TON blockchain has reached unprecedented levels, ranging between $5 billion to $10 billion. To put this into perspective, Bitcoin’s average daily transfer volume is around $50 billion. This means that TON has already achieved approximately 10% of Bitcoin’s capacity. These impressive figures indicate TON’s rapid progress, despite being only four years old.

Another significant metric is the number of token holders on the TON network, which has experienced a dramatic increase over the past year. Currently, there are 32 million token holders, compared to just 2.9 million a year ago. This tenfold increase within a year demonstrates the growing popularity of the TON-Token.

The sharp growth in transfer volume and the number of token holders also reflects the growing confidence and demand in The Open Network. With more users and transactions joining the network, TON is poised to become a major player in the blockchain industry. This upward trend indicates a promising future for TON, attracting more investors and developers to the platform.

Overall, TON’s on-chain metrics show consistent and impressive growth. With a transfer volume reaching up to $10 billion and a holder count of 32 million, The Open Network is emerging as one of the leading blockchains. These remarkable indicators exemplify the opportunities and the increasing presence of TON in the crypto space.

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