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AltcoinsOutlier Ventures and peaq Unveil Six Startups for DePIN Base Camp

Outlier Ventures and peaq Unveil Six Startups for DePIN Base Camp

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Today, Outlier Ventures, a prominent global Web3 accelerator, and peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs, have revealed the six teams chosen to take part in the DePIN Base Camp accelerator program. These teams are set to receive investments from Borderless Capital, a leading venture capital firm in the DePIN space.

DePIN Base Camp is set to elevate wireless network optimization and cybersecurity. The program has hand-picked six initial startups focused on IoT hardware networks, decentralized computing and AI, wireless network optimization, cybersecurity, digital twin technology, and cloud gaming and Metaverse.

AYDO is revolutionizing DePIN protocols by enabling the integration of ESP32 board IoT devices and sensors into various DePIN projects, reducing hardware costs and eliminating the need for manufacturing and distribution. Kaisar Network, from Vietnam, has developed a GPU-as-a-service model aimed at decentralized computing and AI, pooling spare GPU resources at a low cost and incentivizing contributors.

Roam Network, based in Finland, gathers mobile network performance information through the Roam App, allowing users to share their network data for blockchain-based rewards. ROVR, originating from Hong Kong, is a decentralized digital twin platform for the planet, utilizing high-tech 3D environmental data acquisition devices to support the construction of high-definition 3D AI training.

TouchBrick, a cybersecurity company from the US, specializes in privacy agents that analyze and prevent new threats, enabling ethical AI training with synthetic data. YOM is set to launch the first cloud gaming DePIN on Solana, offering low latency near-zero cost cloud gaming on any device, eliminating the need for specific game consoles like Xbox or PlayStation.

These innovative startups are expected to drive significant advancements in the DePIN sector, leveraging blockchain and AI technologies to create more secure, efficient, and interconnected systems.

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