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AltcoinsOntology Blockchain Commemorates the 6th Anniversary of MainNet Launch

Ontology Blockchain Commemorates the 6th Anniversary of MainNet Launch

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Reflecting on Achievements and Future Prospects: The 6th Anniversary of Ontology Network’s MainNet Launch

Ontology Network, a pioneering blockchain platform, is commemorating the 6th anniversary of its MainNet launch by celebrating its milestones and outlining its vision for the future of Web3 and decentralized identity.

Since its establishment in June 2018, Ontology’s blockchain has evolved from a system focused on digital identity and data solutions to a comprehensive Web3 infrastructure. Throughout these six years, Ontology has achieved significant milestones, continuously enhancing its blockchain in areas such as staking, governance, access, and user experience. These advancements exemplify Ontology’s commitment to innovation and community growth.

A Journey of Innovation and Growth

2018: The Beginning
On June 30, 2018, Ontology’s MainNet version 1.0 was launched, introducing the dual-token system (ONT and ONG) and providing developers with tools to build decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts.

2019: Enhancing Scalability and Interoperability
On June 30, 2019, Ontology introduced sharding technology and launched its cross-chain TestNet, improving scalability and cross-chain compatibility.

2020: Boosting Transaction Efficiency
On June 30, 2020, Ontology released MainNet 2.0, integrating layer-2 technology to enhance transaction speed and efficiency.

2021: Expanding Smart Contract Support
On June 30, 2021, the launch of the Ontology Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) test network enabled support for multiple smart contract types, positioning Ontology as one of the most versatile public-chain platforms.

2022: Strategic Expansion
Ontology EVM Fund: Ontology launched a $10 million EVM fund to support global developers, followed by a global online hackathon in April 2022, fostering innovation within the Ontology ecosystem.

Recent Milestones and Future Prospects

2023: Scaling and Staking Innovations
Goshen Network: The incubation of the Optimistic-rollup-based Layer 2 solution further enhanced scalability. Additionally, the bitcoin L2 provides more interoperability to Ethereum and Bitcoin ecosystems.

Liquid Staking: The introduction of stONT provides ONT token holders with greater flexibility and liquidity in staking.

More partners join the network as Consensus Nodes: Bwarelabs and StackUp.

TestNet Faucet: Bwarelabs provides its faucets for ONT and ONG test tokens on Ontology and Ontology EVM.

Developer Relations: Ontology and StackUp’s campaign focuses on removing barriers for the developer community.

2024 (coming soon): Enhancing Security and User Experience
Slash Mechanism: Implementation of a slash mechanism for consensus nodes to strengthen security and stability.

Improved Staking Experience: Optimized ONT staking and node operation experience in the ONTO Wallet to make participation more user-friendly.

Celebrating Achievements

Ontology’s blockchain has achieved significant network statistics, demonstrating its growth and adoption:

Block Height: 17,649,850
Total Transactions: 19,479,340
Unique Addresses: 1,541,273
ONT ID Registrations: Over 1.6 million
*The figures were calculated on 06/29/24.

These metrics reflect Ontology’s active usage for decentralized identity management and data solutions, establishing it as a high-performance, secure public blockchain platform.

Looking Ahead

Ontology remains dedicated to constructing a secure, scalable, and user-friendly Web3 infrastructure. The network aims to continue fostering innovation through strategic partnerships, developer support, and community engagement. As Ontology celebrates the 6th anniversary of its MainNet launch, it looks forward to a future where decentralized identity and data solutions are integral to everyday digital interactions.

Join the Celebration

Ontology Network extends its gratitude to the community, developers, and partners who have been part of this incredible journey. Together, we anticipate many more years of innovation and growth in the blockchain space.

Ontology has several exciting campaigns planned for the upcoming months. These initiatives aim to further engage our community and reward our dedicated supporters. Stay tuned for:

Staking Incentives: Opportunities for stakers to earn additional rewards as a token of appreciation.

Node Operator Rewards: A chance for lucky node operators to receive extra stakes for their nodes.

Community Events: Educational and empowering sessions for users about Web3, decentralized identity, and Ontology’s ecosystem.

Follow Ontology:

Ontology website / ONTO website / OWallet (GitHub)
Twitter / Reddit / Facebook / LinkedIn / YouTube / NaverBlog / Forklog
Telegram Announcement / Telegram English / GitHub / Discord

About Ontology Network:

Ontology is a high-performance, open-source blockchain platform specializing in decentralized identity and data solutions. With its unique dual-token system and comprehensive suite of developer tools, Ontology aims to create a robust and scalable infrastructure for Web3 applications.

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