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AltcoinsNotcoin Unveils Telegram MiniApps and Teams Up with Helika for Web3 Gaming

Notcoin Unveils Telegram MiniApps and Teams Up with Helika for Web3 Gaming

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Notcoin is revolutionizing the Web3 arena by launching Telegram mini-apps that incorporate blockchain technology. Since its inception as a mini-app on Telegram in January, Notcoin has rapidly garnered a community of 40 million players worldwide. To further enhance its offerings, Notcoin has joined forces with Helika, a renowned gaming accelerator specializing in Web3 gaming solutions.

Through this collaboration, the goal is to accelerate the development of Telegram and TON Games by blending practices from the traditional gaming market with cutting-edge Web3 innovations. With Helika’s vast experience in the Web3 gaming industry, there are high expectations for a positive impact on Notcoin. Helika has previously worked on projects such as Pudgy Penguins, Yuga Labs, and Shrapnel.

This year, the company launched a Gaming Fund, raising $50 million from investors like Pantera, Sferimon, and Spartan, demonstrating a strong commitment to growth. The fund will support game development, including an advanced analytical platform tailored for gaming.

Notcoin and Helika are also introducing a new game accelerator and hosting the Notcoin Gaming Contest to inspire game studios within Helika’s network to create engaging games for the Telegram platform. Currently, Helika collaborates with over 40 game studios, providing them with tools and support for business development, including user acquisition strategies, market resources, on-chain analysis, and all necessary requirements for game development.

Notcoin’s vision is to revolutionize the gaming industry by supporting developers and enhancing user experiences with blockchain solutions and analytics. With ambitions to reach over 900 million Telegram users, Notcoin aims to become a leader in Web3 gaming.

According to Max Choly from Notcoin, they are at the forefront of driving the adoption of mini-apps in the industry by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into their products. This has solidified Notcoin’s position as a prominent digital currency in the gaming sector. Moving forward, their primary objective is to assist game developers in promoting the adoption of Web3 and TON technologies.

Through this partnership with Helika, Notcoin is dedicated to paving the way for a new era of gaming by embracing blockchain technology.

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