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AltcoinsMr Thank You vehemently refutes false accusations of endorsing Beercoin

Mr Thank You vehemently refutes false accusations of endorsing Beercoin

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Sergei Kosenko, also known as Mr. Thank You, has recently been the target of fake news by the crypto news platform, Cryptonomist. The false article accused him of promoting Beercoin (BEER) and encouraging his followers to invest in it. However, Mr. Thank You has vehemently denied these allegations, stating that he has never promoted the purchase of Beercoin or any other cryptocurrency.

The evidence against the fake news lies in Mr. Thank You’s consistent statements about sharing personal interests rather than providing financial advice. Cryptonomist chose to ignore these clear statements, misrepresenting his intentions and painting a misleading image of him. In reality, Mr. Thank You is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who frequently discusses his investments and interests in the crypto market, including various projects such as Beercoin. However, he has always made it clear that he is not advising his fans to invest in these projects.

It is important to note that Mr. Thank You has built a successful career as an artist and social media influencer, with a personal brand centered around inspiring others with positivity. He interacts with his 40 million followers across different platforms with lightheartedness and optimism, and does not engage in malicious dealings or take advantage of his fans. The allegations made by Cryptonomist have no factual basis and falsely accuse him of promoting a scam for personal profit.

In conclusion, the fake news article targeting Mr. Thank You is a clear attempt to mislead the audience and damage his reputation, which does not align with his character and principles. As a prominent figure in the social media and music industry, he has no intention of exploiting his beloved audience and stands by his commitment to spreading positivity and inspiration.

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