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Sunday, July 14, 2024
AltcoinsiZUMi Finance Strengthens Bitcoin DeFi Through Core Integration

iZUMi Finance Strengthens Bitcoin DeFi Through Core Integration

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iZUMi Finance has integrated with Core to bolster Bitcoin DeFi capabilities. As a prominent DeFi protocol, iZUMi Finance offers comprehensive Liquidity as a Service (LaaS) across multiple blockchains. This partnership aims to deliver efficient and secure liquidity services to Core users, enhancing their decentralized finance experience.

The latest developers to integrate with Core, @izumi_Finance, are here to advance BTCfi. Learn more about them
— Core DAO (@Coredao_Org)
July 3, 2024

Core Users Gain Access to iZUMi Finance’s DeFi Services
iZUMi Finance distinguishes itself from other DeFi platforms by offering a range of services that promote liquidity. With this integration, iZUMi Finance will extend its services to the Core community, enabling users to engage in decentralized finance. Key features of this integration include trading on the primary iZiSwap network connected to Core’s mainnet.

Within the iZUMi Finance ecosystem, users can perform various actions such as token exchange and supplying liquidity, which provides opportunities to earn fees and rewards. This integration enhances capital yield, allowing users to maximize their investments’ value.

The benefits for Core users include earning from supplying liquidity to iZUMi Finance pools, as well as gaining fees and rewards. The integration simplifies engagement with DeFi applications for Core users and other actors within the ecosystem.

Core and iZUMi Finance Collaborate for Secure DeFi Solutions
This partnership marks a significant step in expanding the Bitcoin DeFi space on Core. Core continues to grow its ecosystem by partnering with iZUMi Finance, providing users with a secure and efficient way to enhance their financial journey.

As part of this collaboration, iZUMi Finance introduces its LaaS model while Core, a Bitcoin-based and EVM-compatible blockchain solution, contributes to the evolution of DeFi. Core’s announcement of the first non-custodial BTC staking protocol and the yield-bearing BTC ETP with Valour highlights the company’s efforts in developing innovative financial applications within the blockchain sector.

Ultimately, this integration solidifies Core’s position as a leading blockchain platform. It underscores the firm’s dedication to the continuous growth and enhancement of Decentralized Finance for its users.

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