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Is Pepe Unchained ICO the Top Meme Coin to Invest in for July Garnering 18M in Funding

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There’s a new meme coin that’s capturing the attention of crypto traders: Pepe Unchained (PEPU). This frog-themed coin with a unique twist has already amassed over $1.8 million in its ICO. As investors search for the next big thing, many are wondering: could PEPU be the top pick for July?

### Pepe Unchained – The New Frog-Themed Meme Coin Making Waves

Pepe Unchained has made a notable debut in the crypto market. In less than three weeks since its launch, the project has raised $1.8 million, drawing the interest of “degen” traders. Currently, PEPU tokens are available for $0.008193 each, but this price won’t last long—the next ICO stage begins in less than 24 hours.

According to Pepe Unchained’s whitepaper, the developers have allocated 20% of the 8 billion token supply to ICO investors. What’s really grabbing attention, though, is the staking opportunity. Early investors can immediately stake their PEPU tokens and start earning returns. The current estimated annual yield is an astonishing 1,036%, a figure that’s hard to ignore, even in the meme coin world. This attractive offer hasn’t gone unnoticed, with over 154 million PEPU tokens already staked.

Once the ICO ends, PEPU’s developers plan to launch the token on a popular DEX, marking the first time supply and demand forces will determine the token’s price.

### Pepe Unchained’s Ambitious Layer-2 Vision

Pepe Unchained isn’t just looking to ride the wave of meme coin popularity; it aims to make a significant impact on the space. The project’s standout feature is its layer-2 network, designed as a “meme coin playground.” This new network promises to address some of the biggest challenges for crypto investors, offering instant bridging, low transaction fees, and lightning-fast speeds—up to 100 times faster than Ethereum. Additionally, it includes a dedicated block explorer.

What’s truly intriguing is that Pepe Unchained’s layer-2 network will be specifically tailored for joke tokens, a unique offering in the crypto market. If recent trends are any indication, this could be a game-changer. Native tokens of layer-2 networks, like Blast (BLAST), have been attracting significant attention. Analysts at 99Bitcoins suggest PEPU could achieve “PEPE level returns” once it launches.

### Is PEPU the Best Meme Coin to Buy in July?

So, is Pepe Unchained the best meme coin to buy in July? It’s certainly making a compelling case. The discounted ICO price offers early investors a chance to get in on the ground floor. It’s rare to see a project with this much buzz still in its ICO phase. Additionally, Pepe Unchained has undergone two audits from Coinsult and SolidProof, adding credibility in a market often plagued by scams.

The project’s social media presence is also booming. Pepe Unchained’s Twitter and Telegram channels have seen substantial growth since the project’s announcement. This kind of community engagement can be crucial for a meme coin’s success. And let’s not forget the power of the Pepe brand. The original Pepe (PEPE) coin experienced astronomical gains in mid-2023, and Pepe Unchained is clearly looking to harness that energy.

Overall, the signs are promising for this new layer-2 project. With the meme coin market showing signs of revival, Pepe Unchained could be well-positioned to capitalize on investors’ renewed risk-on attitude.

### Visit Pepe Unchained ICO

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