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Sunday, July 14, 2024
AltcoinsHedera and Chainlink Top the List of Crypto Coins with the Highest...

Hedera and Chainlink Top the List of Crypto Coins with the Highest Development Frequency

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Santiment Unveils the Top Crypto Tokens with the Highest Development Frequency
The renowned crypto intelligence platform, Santiment, recently revealed a list of the leading coins in terms of development activity to attract potential investors. The official X account of Santiment disclosed the list, with Hedera claiming the top spot, followed by Chainlink and Optimism.
‍ Here are the top crypto coins ranked by development frequency. Hedera remains at the top spot, with Chainlink sliding into the #2 position.
The list below is based on the non-redundant activity from each project, averaged over the past 30 days. Arrows…
— Santiment (@santimentfeed)
July 1, 2024
Santiment’s latest X post revealed that Hedera’s native token $HBAR is leading the list, with Chainlink’s $LINK taking the second position. Hedera operates as an open-source proof-of-stake network, while Chainlink serves as a universal platform for financial institutions and developers shaping the future of global markets.
Optimism’s $OP coin secured the third spot on the list, showcasing its joint platform for communities, entities, and individuals working together. Following that, DFINITY’s $ICP token claimed the fourth position, offering a decentralized finance exchange.
The list also includes well-known crypto projects such as Cardano, Cosmos, and ZKsync, with Cardano’s $ADA coin standing at the fifth position. Additionally, Status’s $SNT token secured the sixth spot, serving as a decentralized and open-source crypto communication super app.
Cosmos’ $ATOM claimed the seventh rank, offering a scalable and interconnected economy for the future of the interchain market. ZKsync’s $ZK and Starknet’s $STRK coins took the eighth and ninth positions, respectively. Finally, Aptos’s $APT token secured the tenth place on the list.

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