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AltcoinsHave You Heard About the Viral Presale Raboo Justin Sun Sells 173M...

Have You Heard About the Viral Presale Raboo Justin Sun Sells 173M TRX and Ethena May Consider Liquidation

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Justin Sun, the visionary behind Tron, a leading DeFi platform, has sparked significant speculation following his sale of a staggering 173 million TRX tokens. Meanwhile, attention is now turning to ENA tokens amid talks of a potential sell-off after a substantial volume of the altcoin flooded the market.

Despite these developments, investors are increasingly drawn to Raboo ($RABT), a presale token that stands out with its blend of AI and Social-Fi functionalities, promising unique utilities.

Tron’s Price Dip Post Justin Sun’s Massive TRX Transfer to Binance

Analyzing technical charts reveals Tron’s resilience in the face of bearish market conditions. However, the token has recently faced pressure following Justin Sun’s substantial transfer of TRX tokens to Binance, as reported by blockchain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence.

In the aftermath of this transfer, TRX experienced a marginal decline of 0.56%, settling at $0.12 within a 24-hour period. Although the drop was modest, it has led some investors to question Tron’s bullish prospects. Nevertheless, experts point to Tron’s robust adoption metrics, particularly its large number of active addresses, which could potentially reverse the downward trend.

ENA Unlock: Release of 14.89 Million Tokens Triggers Cautious Reaction

On June 30th, a significant 14.89 million ENA tokens were unlocked for circulation in the market, constituting 0.92% of the total supply. Despite this relatively small percentage, experts remain cautious about ENA’s future outlook.

Following the token unlock, ENA saw a slight uptick of 0.75% to reach $0.49, yet it remains down by over 10% on a weekly basis. Given the potential negative impact of unlocking tokens equivalent to or exceeding 1% of the circulating supply, experts anticipate further risks for ENA, which could prompt investors to liquidate their holdings.

Raboo: AI-Powered Meme Coin Targeting DeFi Leadership in $62 Billion Market

Emerging as a newcomer in the competitive meme token market valued at $62 billion, Raboo aims to establish itself as a leading DeFi platform by leveraging AI-driven innovations. It introduces a “Post-to-Earn” model that incentivizes community participation, capturing the interest of numerous investors.

Raboo utilizes its AI technology to enhance user interaction and content creation, fostering a vibrant community ecosystem. With a total of 1.8 billion $RABT tokens underpinning its tokenomics, Raboo is strategically positioned for sustainable growth and community engagement.

Currently in its fourth stage of presale, Raboo’s native token $RABT is priced at $0.0048. Despite its current modest valuation, analysts foresee the potential for a significant surge of up to 10,000% upon its market listing.


Despite recent challenges faced by Tron and ENA in the crypto market, Raboo ($RABT) emerges as a compelling contender, poised to make waves in the meme token sector with its innovative AI and Social-Fi technologies.

Analysts predict a staggering 100x surge for Raboo’s presale token upon its market debut, positioning it as one of the standout altcoins for potential investment this year.

To participate in Raboo’s presale, visit:

Telegram: [Raboo Telegram](https://t.me/RabootokenPortal)

Twitter: [Raboo Twitter](https://twitter.com/Raboo_Official)

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