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Thursday, July 25, 2024
AltcoinsdWallet Network collaborates with Espresso to revolutionize the Rollup Ecosystem through the...

dWallet Network collaborates with Espresso to revolutionize the Rollup Ecosystem through the auctioning of sequencing rights

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In a groundbreaking development, the startup dWallet Network has announced its plans to venture into the creation of a new sequencing marketplace for Zero Knowledge Proof-based rollups on the Espresso platform. Collaborating with Espresso, they are exploring innovative ways to facilitate the auction of rollup sequencing time slots and even the transfer of the entire rollup to third parties through dWallet’s Zero Trust Framework.

Sequencers are vital components of Layer-2 rollup networks like zkSync, Loopring, and StarkWare, responsible for processing transactions by organizing and executing them before sending them to validators. While most sequencers are traditionally operated by the rollups themselves, this centralized approach raises concerns around trust and centralization in the decentralized landscape. This growing demand for outsourcing sequencing has paved the way for the strategic partnership between dWallet Network and Espresso.

dWallet Network specializes in dWallets, which utilize blockchain’s default authentication method of cryptographic signatures. These signatures, generated by dWallets, are seamlessly integrated into the network, enabling Zero Trust Protocols to function across any network without the need for a bridge. This unique capability will empower the transfer of rollup ownership through the Espresso marketplace.

Under the proposed initiative, dWallet plans to implement a Zero Trust Protocol in Espresso, allowing the transfer of control of a rollup’s smart contract to the highest bidder. This innovative auction mechanism aims to democratize the value of the rollup economy, granting the open market the authority to determine its worth.

If successful, Espresso will serve as a platform connecting sequencers (buyers) with rollups (sellers), offering rollups the opportunity to outsource sequencing for reasons such as decentralization or increased value. Rollups will have the flexibility to set a minimum reserve price and sell sequencing rights in defined time slots or as an entire package.

This transformative idea has the potential to revolutionize the rollup marketplace, enabling individuals or DAOs to invest in rollups and establish intricate ownership structures around them, according to dWallet Network.

Co-founder of dWallet Network, Omer Sadika, emphasized that this partnership will introduce the groundbreaking concept of selling an entire rollup for the first time, paving the way for a dynamic and efficient marketplace for Layer-2 networks. Espresso’s chief scientist, Benedikt Bunz, expressed his excitement about dWallet’s ZTP opening avenues for pricing and transferring entire rollups.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with dWallet to pursue our shared vision of building a more secure and efficient modular blockchain ecosystem,” said Bunz.

Both dWallet Network and Espresso are optimistic that their partnership will drive innovation and adoption of rollup technologies, creating new opportunities for developers. Ultimately, they aim to establish a democratic and efficient rollup ecosystem that enhances user experiences and benefits.

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