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Sunday, July 14, 2024
AltcoinsDelays in ZK Deposits Due to Node Problems

Delays in ZK Deposits Due to Node Problems

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Binance has alerted users to possible delays in $ZK token deposits due to technical challenges with their node. The technical team is actively working to address the issue urgently, with the aim of resolving it before trading commences. Deposits will be processed once the block height is synchronized, and successfully deposited funds will remain safe.

There may be delays in $ZK deposits due to node issues.
Our technical team is diligently working to resolve the matter promptly and ensure recovery before trading begins. Deposits will be credited once the block height is caught up.
Rest assured, successful deposits are secure. Please stay tuned.
— Binance (@binance)
June 17, 2024

The Binance technical team is swiftly tackling the node problems affecting $ZK deposits. The exchange guarantees that the issue will be resolved before trading starts, and all successful deposits will be processed once the block height is in sync.

Exciting $ZK Listing and Token Distribution Program
Binance has introduced a ZK token distribution program, where 10,500,000 ZK tokens will be distributed to a maximum of 52,500 eligible users. The distribution will kick off on June 17, 2024, at 02:00 (UTC) and run until July 16, 2024, at 23:59 (UTC).

Binance will list ZKsync ($ZK) with ZK token distribution program
Listing: today, 08:00 (UTC)
Binance will distribute 10,500,000 ZK tokens to up to 52,500 eligible Binance users, starting on 2024-06-17 02:00 (UTC), and until 2024-07-16 23:59 (UTC).
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— Diana (@dianabinance)
June 17, 2024

reiterates their dedication to promptly resolving the current technical issues to ensure a seamless trading experience for users. They encourage users to stay updated for further information and guarantees regarding the safety of their deposits.

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