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AltcoinsCVX Token Experiences Swift Rebound as 90 of Supply Turns Profitable

CVX Token Experiences Swift Rebound as 90 of Supply Turns Profitable

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A Remarkable Turnaround for $CVX Token as Profit Soars

There has been a remarkable development in the world of cryptocurrency recently, particularly for the $CVX token, the native crypto token of Convex Finance. Reports indicate that $CVX has experienced a resilient comeback in terms of profits, a stark difference from its previous position.

Just last week, a staggering 99% of $CVX holders were facing losses. However, the tables have turned, showcasing the power of comebacks in the crypto market. Currently, 36% of addresses are now in profit, holding over 90% of the $CVX supply. This indicates a significant shift towards profitability.

A recent tweet by IntoTheBlock highlighted this swift comeback, emphasizing the impressive performance of $CVX. The token has witnessed a surge of over 50% in the past twenty-four hours, reaching a high of $3.70. Convex Finance, which operates Curve Finance, has been instrumental in supporting liquidity providers and helping them generate higher rewards.

Furthermore, the reports also mentioned that the token pair CVX/USDT has seen a substantial increase in trading volume, reaching $32 million in just one day. This surge in volume has contributed to the profitability of 36% of addresses holding the majority of the $CVX supply.

Overall, the recent developments surrounding $CVX token have been nothing short of impressive, signaling a positive shift for its holders and the crypto market as a whole.

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