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AltcoinsCronos zkEVM Launches Pioneer Program to Reward Early Backers

Cronos zkEVM Launches Pioneer Program to Reward Early Backers

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**Cronos zkEVM Launches the Pioneer Program to Reward Early Adopters**

Cronos zkEVM has recently unveiled an exciting new initiative: the Pioneer Program. This innovative project is designed to reward early participants for their engagement with the Cronos zkEVM blockchain and its decentralized applications (dApps). The primary goal of this program is to benefit the Cronos community by incentivizing early support through mainnet and testnet activities.

The Pioneer Program is set to roll out in advance of the Cronos zkEVM mainnet launch, which is scheduled for the third quarter of this year. The program will be introduced in phases over the coming weeks, featuring a range of social and community-oriented tasks. These activities offer users the opportunity to earn loyalty points as they explore the various services and features available on the Cronos zkEVM platform.

Participants will be able to redeem these points when using dApps within the ecosystem. Engaging with these decentralized applications will not only yield additional rewards in the form of CRO, Cronos zkEVM’s native token, but also offer incentives through native dApp coins. This approach allows users to accumulate benefits across three distinct layers of yield for their crypto assets, specifically CRO.

The first layer offers staking rewards through the holding of zkCRO and other liquid-staked tokens. The second layer provides DeFi yields generated from various DeFi protocols within the ecosystem. The third layer involves additional rewards earned through active participation in dApps. According to Ken Timsit from Cronos Labs, the community has eagerly anticipated the mainnet launch, and the Pioneer Program serves to acknowledge and reward their invaluable contributions to the testnet phase.

In addition to the Pioneer Program, Cronos zkEVM is also launching the Passage campaign in collaboration with Veno Finance. Starting on July 4th and running until the mainnet release, this campaign will allow users to earn points by staking and locking CRO tokens into bridge contracts powered by Veno Finance on the Ethereum network.

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