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Thursday, July 25, 2024
AltcoinsDWF Labs Initiates Cloudbreak Fund with 20 Million Investment for Projects in...

DWF Labs Initiates Cloudbreak Fund with 20 Million Investment for Projects in China

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DWF Labs has introduced the Cloudbreak Fund, a $20 million initiative aimed at supporting and empowering promising projects and founders in Chinese-speaking regions with significant investments and strategic resources. The fund is specifically targeting projects in GameFi, Derivatives, SocialFi, Memecoins, and Layer 1/Layer 2 infrastructure.

DWF Labs Launches Cloudbreak Fund to Elevate Local Web3 Ventures

The establishment of the Cloudbreak Fund underscores DWF Labs’ commitment to fostering and advancing Web3 innovation. The focus is on providing localized projects the platform to showcase their ideas to the global audience and drive the adoption of Web3 technologies. Projects in the specified categories from Chinese-speaking regions are encouraged to seize this opportunity to accelerate their growth and establish a presence in the Web3 ecosystem.

Andrei Grachev, the Managing Partner at DWF Labs, expressed admiration for the culture and work ethic of founders in Chinese-speaking regions, with whom the firm has been collaborating since 2018. Grachev highlighted the recent growth trajectory of projects in these regions and emphasized the importance of ongoing support and development. The Cloudbreak Fund was established to enable these new projects to maximize their potential in Chinese-speaking markets.

Drawing on its expertise in Web3 investments and market making, DWF Labs offers financial backing and access to a network of over 700 projects. As a leading liquidity provider, the firm stands ready to assist projects interested in tokenization.

Cloudbreak Fund Strengthens DWF Labs’ Global Web3 Commitment

Recognized as the Best Liquidity Provider by Bybit in 2024, DWF Labs oversees wallets, hackathons, funding, and grant programs within the Web3 space. Alongside strategic branding and marketing initiatives, DWF Labs offers comprehensive support for projects in their growth journey.

Earlier this year, DWF Labs reaffirmed its commitment to the MENA region through a partnership with DMCC, introducing a $5 million growth fund for Web3 and blockchain firms.

The Cloudbreak Fund underscores DWF Labs’ dedication to fostering innovation and growth in the Web3 sector. By focusing on projects in Chinese-speaking markets, the fund aims to facilitate the expansion of localized initiatives to global markets and drive the creation of new use cases for Web3 technologies.

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