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AltcoinsLookonchain Report A Pair of Cryptocurrency Wallets Transact Funds Exceeding 190 Million...

Lookonchain Report A Pair of Cryptocurrency Wallets Transact Funds Exceeding 190 Million from Binance

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A recent surge in activity involving cryptocurrency wallets has caught the attention of market observers. According to Lookonchain, a prominent platform for on-chain analytics, two exclusive wallets recently withdrew assets totaling over $120 million and $69.56 million from the popular exchange Binance. This revelation was shared by the analytics company on its official social media account.

One of the wallets, created just six days ago, withdrew a variety of digital assets worth a significant sum from Binance. The primary asset withdrawn was the stablecoin USDT, totaling nearly 40.7 million. Additionally, the wallet redeemed 9,425 ETH, amounting to approximately $30.15 million.

In a separate instance, another fresh wallet withdrew assets exceeding $120 million from Binance. These assets included:
– 40.7 million USDT
– 9,425 ETH ($30.15 million)
– 957.77 billion PEPE ($9.84 million)
– 583.78 billion SHIB ($9.68 million)
– 16,192 BNB ($9 million)
– 58.15 million DOGE ($6.95 million)
– 438,721 RNDR ($3.17 million)
– 5.18 million MATIC ($2.81 million)

Furthermore, the wallet also extracted $1.56 million worth of FLOKI tokens, $1.5 million worth of LINK tokens, $1.05 million worth of AVAX tokens, and $556K worth of GRT tokens. Another newly created wallet redeemed 1,162 BTC, equivalent to $69.56 million, while a significant investor also purchased the same amount of BTC.

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