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AltcoinsCardano Unveils Exclusive Progress in Latest Weekly Report

Cardano Unveils Exclusive Progress in Latest Weekly Report

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Here’s a rewritten version of the article:

Cardano, a popular altcoin, has recently made significant progress in its development. Input Output Hong Kong, the parent company of Cardano, has released its latest weekly report detailing advancements in core technology, smart contracts, wallet services, and more. The company shared the report on its official social media account, X.

The report highlights several notable achievements, including the implementation of CIP-0069 by the ledger team. This has improved the functionality of PlutusV3 by making spending data optional and enforcing precisely one argument for all scripts. This feature has expanded the potential use cases for spending scripts, such as minting.

The report also mentions the elimination of several critical bugs, including adjustments to script execution regarding certificates utilizing one Plutus script and the prevention of delegation in non-existent pools. The Lace team of Cardano is reportedly preparing for the v.1.13 launch, which includes unique operability and critical bug fixes.

In terms of smart contracts, the Plutus team launched version for the Plutus libraries, which includes the implementation of CIP-0122’s exclusive type of “Value” supported by “Data.” The Mithril team of the platform has been implementing the Cardano transfer certification on Mithril networks for scaling purposes.

The report also mentions Cardano’s Project Catalyst, which completed the community moderation segment for Fund12. The education team is preparing lectures for the upcoming Cardano Developer course.

Overall, Cardano has made significant progress in its development, with advancements in core technology, smart contracts, wallet services, scaling, and governance.

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