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Thursday, July 25, 2024
AltcoinsAI Coins FET and AGIX Surge Over 20 as WienerAI Presale Raises...

AI Coins FET and AGIX Surge Over 20 as WienerAI Presale Raises 6M

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The excitement surrounding AI is back in the spotlight as Fetch.ai and SingularityNET experience a significant surge of over 20% today, along with Worldcoin also showing gains.
At the same time, the new AI token WienerAI is gaining traction in its presale, surpassing the $6 million mark in total funds raised.
All eyes are on AI coins as Nvidia surpasses Microsoft
AI-based cryptocurrencies are on the rise as chip manufacturer Nvidia becomes the world’s most valuable company, overtaking Microsoft on Wednesday.
Nvidia’s market capitalization now stands at over $3.3 trillion, surpassing the entire crypto industry, as well as the GDP of the United Kingdom and France.
The price of Nvidia has increased by 209% this year, reflecting the growing demand for computational power to train AI models.
However, Nvidia’s rise to the top has also brought attention to crypto AI projects that aim to democratize access to AI infrastructure.
Fetch.ai and SingularityNET are among the top performers today.
Fetch.ai has seen a remarkable increase of 27%, erasing its weekly loss. Despite this, it is still trading at a 32% discount from its price a month ago and nearly 51% below its all-time high in March.
The project currently boasts a market cap of $1.4 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $422 million, up by 111%.
Well-known trader Crypto Bullet recently announced that he is investing in Fetch.ai, predicting a strong rebound in the future.
Meanwhile, Crypto Rover anticipates that the token will reach $10 soon, offering a potential return of over 6x from its current price of $1.66.
Turning to SingularityNET, the project has also experienced significant growth today. It is currently trading at $0.67, up by 25%, but down by 2% for the week and 35% for the month. It has also dropped by over 50% from its March peak.
Analysts are optimistic about AGIX, with predictions that the project will reach highs of $4.9 in the near future.
With Nvidia’s dominance in the stock market, the conditions are favorable for AI-focused cryptocurrencies.
One of the latest projects causing a buzz is WienerAI, a new meme coin-themed AI trading bot currently in its presale phase.
WienerAI combines cutting-edge AI functionality with a playful meme coin community-facing approach, attracting attention from both novice and speculative traders.
The project has raised over $6 million in its presale, showcasing its success in the market.
WienerAI’s AI-enhanced trading bot aims to provide users with trading opportunities based on their specified criteria, enhancing their trading capabilities and simplifying the user experience of buying crypto on-chain.
Industry experts have recognized WienerAI’s potential, with the Crypto News YouTube channel suggesting it has 100x potential.
The current price of the WienerAI presale is $0.00072, with expectations of further increases throughout the campaign.

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