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Sunday, July 14, 2024
AltcoinsAerodrome Establishes Dominance in Base Blockchain Volume

Aerodrome Establishes Dominance in Base Blockchain Volume

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Aerodrome, the primary trading and liquidity hub on the Base blockchain, is experiencing significant growth in trading volume, particularly within its Slipstream pools. Currently, Slipstream’s total trading volume has surged to encompass 64% of comparable pool volumes, surpassing notable rivals like Uniswap V3.

Aerodrome’s dominance in trading volume

Aerodrome’s Slipstream volume continues to outpace Uniswap V3, now constituting 64% of trading volume across similar pools.
veAERO voters receive 100% of trading fee rewards.
— Aerodrome (@AerodromeFi)
June 29, 2024

Base’s Commitment to Innovation Without Introducing New Network Tokens
Base aims to onboard the world onto its blockchain to foster a new economy driven by innovation, creativity, and freedom. Unlike many other blockchain networks, Base has firmly decided against launching a new network token. This strategic choice underscores Base’s commitment to leveraging existing token structures and prioritizing blockchain functionalities and applications over token creation.

In addition to its elegant design and user-friendly interface, Aerodrome adopts an unconventional approach to fee distribution. VeAERO voters, who hold voting rights within the Aerodrome ecosystem, receive all trading fee revenues. This model not only incentivizes active participation within the community but also ensures that direct benefits are distributed among engaged stakeholders.

Aerodrome Sets DeFi Trends with Control of Slipstream Pools
Aerodrome’s dominant control of most Slipstream pools reflects its displacement of competitors among traders and liquidity providers. This trend can be attributed to factors such as efficient fee distribution to veAERO voters and the robust infrastructure of the Base blockchain.

For cryptocurrency investors and market participants, these developments are crucial focal points. The increasing dominance of Aerodrome’s trading volume not only highlights its performance but also signals broader trends within the DeFi sphere.

Lastly, Base remains actively engaged in developing and optimizing its platform without introducing new network tokens. The Base ecosystem continues to demonstrate how decentralized finance and blockchain technology can democratize access to capital and foster a more interconnected global economy.

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