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Altcoins30 of Bitcoins Total Supply Has Remained Untouched for More Than 5...

30 of Bitcoins Total Supply Has Remained Untouched for More Than 5 Years

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In a striking revelation concerning Bitcoin, it’s been disclosed that over 30% of its total supply has remained untouched for more than five years, showcasing the steadfast commitment of long-term investors. This insight, drawn from Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) on foundational blockchains like Bitcoin, offers valuable perspectives into user behavior and financial management.

Many first-generation blockchains, including Bitcoin, utilize UTXOs to manage user funds. Through analysis of these UTXOs, we can discern the duration for which investors retain their holdings before engaging in transactions.

This approach to financial accounting has brought to light a significant portion of Bitcoin that remains dormant for extended periods. While some of these untouched funds may be attributed to lost keys or inaccessible wallets, a substantial portion is believed to belong to dedicated long-term investors. Their unwavering commitment to holding Bitcoin despite market fluctuations underscores their profound confidence in the cryptocurrency’s future potential.

Meanwhile, amid a broader market downturn, meme coins have demonstrated remarkable resilience by maintaining profitability for a substantial number of their holders. Recent data illustrates the percentage of profitable investors across various meme coins, revealing unexpected strength within this segment of the cryptocurrency market.

Leading the pack are $MOG and Pepe ($PEPE), which boast the highest percentages of profitable holders among meme coins. Despite prevailing market challenges, these assets have sustained impressive profitability rates for their investors.

Additionally, traditional favorites like Dogecoin ($DOGE) and Shiba Inu ($SHIB) continue to exhibit resilience, with a notable number of holders remaining in profit. This resilience reflects enduring popularity and investor confidence in these established meme coins.

The steadfastness of long-term Bitcoin holders and the resilience of meme coin investors in maintaining profitability underline the diverse and dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market. Despite market fluctuations and downturns, there remains a robust core of believers and profitable participants driving the crypto space forward.

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