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AltcoinsBitcoin 现货 ETF 累计吸引资金达到7300万美元

Bitcoin 现货 ETF 累计吸引资金达到7300万美元

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Bitcoin ETFs See $73 Million Inflows in a Single Day

SpotOnChain, the renowned platform providing precise crypto data to investors, has reported a significant influx into Bitcoin Spot ETFs. On June 28, these ETFs collectively gained $73 million in inflows, marking a remarkable increase compared to previous days. The platform utilized X to detail the specific inflows across individual ETFs.

Highlights of June 28, 2024:
– Net inflow totals $73 million, maintaining positivity for 4 consecutive days.
– BlackRock’s (IBIT) saw a substantial inflow of $82.4 million after a stagnant period lasting 13 days.
– Grayscale (GBTC), however, recorded the largest outflow of the day at -$27.2 million.

Spot On Chain’s latest update also noted that GBTC experienced significant outflows amounting to $27 million within a single day, reducing its net assets to $16.51 billion. This maintains Grayscale’s position with the highest 1-day outflow among ETFs. Conversely, BlackRock saw a noteworthy turnaround with a substantial inflow.

According to SpotOnChain, Fidelity’s FBTC ETF faced outflows of nearly $25 million in the same period.

Cumulative Inflows Reach $14.52 Billion for US BTC ETFs

SpotOnChain further discussed the ARKB ETF, which observed considerable inflows, albeit less than IBIT. ARKB recorded inflows of approximately $42.6 million in a single day.

Moreover, SpotOnChain highlighted that the cumulative inflow across ten US BTC ETFs has once again surpassed the $14.52 billion mark after 117 days of trading.

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