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BlockchainGelato Network Introduces Lisk L2 on Optimism Pioneering Blockchain Interoperability

Gelato Network Introduces Lisk L2 on Optimism Pioneering Blockchain Interoperability

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Gelato Network, well-known for its roll-up as a service platform in the Web3 sector, has reached a major milestone with the introduction of the Lisk L2 Developer Mainnet. This achievement signifies a significant moment for Gelato as it expands its reach and enhances its services in the decentralized ecosystem.

The launch of the Lisk L2 Developer Mainnet is not just another layer; it is part of Gelato’s strategic plan to deepen its integration with the Optimism network, ushering in a new era of interoperability and efficiency in blockchain technology.

Fueling Innovation and Interoperability in Web3
During the initial Devnet phase, Gelato played a key role in deploying essential infrastructure components like bridges, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and applications to prepare for the public mainnet launch. This phase was crucial in ensuring the seamless integration of Lisk L2 into the Optimism collective known as the Superchain.

This integration aims to enhance sequencer revenue and contribute to a unified network of rollups that will transform the way developers and applications interact across the blockchain.

The transition of Lisk Devnet to become the first Layer 1 blockchain migrating to Optimism’s network signifies a significant advancement in the blockchain industry. This move leverages Optimism’s OP Stack, designed to create a cohesive framework for rollups, improving communication, security, and governance across the network.

The Superchain, now including Lisk among its 13+ chain integrations, supports asset bridging without fragmentation, shared governance under the OP Collective, and a robust security model benefiting all participating chains.

Furthermore, Gelato Network has expanded its ecosystem to include over 17 infrastructure providers, enriching the chain’s environment with a variety of services. These providers offer Web3 functionalities like Across Fi for bridging, RedStone oracles for reliable data feeds, user interface solutions like Protofire Safe UI, and comprehensive analytics from Goldskyio indexers.

Lisk L2 ⛓️ Developer Mainnet is LIVE On Gelato
During the @LiskHQ Devnet phase, bridges, DEXs, & Apps deploy in preparation for the public mainnet launch
In this phase, Lisk L2 joins the Superchain by contributing sequencer revenue towards the @optimism collective ↓ pic.twitter.com/QHKoUE69jU — Gelato (@gelatonetwork) June 6, 2024

This robust infrastructure supports a wide range of applications and developers, including prominent entities like Velodrome, Thirdweb, and the Secret Network, enhancing the developer experience (DevEx) through improved interoperability and feature-rich capabilities.

The growth metrics from Lisk’s Q1 performance further demonstrate the impact of these developments. Since the testnet’s inception, over 32,000 wallets have been created, facilitating more than 10,000 contracts and driving daily transactions to exceed 43,000. In total, the testnet has processed over 6.3 million transactions, showcasing the platform’s scalability and the strong demand for its services.

Gelato’s integration with the Optimism collective and the subsequent launch of the Lisk L2 Developer Mainnet are not just technical upgrades but are pivotal in shaping the future landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized applications (dApps).

By enabling seamless cross-chain functionality and fostering a collaborative environment under the OP Collective governance, Gelato is setting new standards in the blockchain space, driving innovation, and simplifying the complexities of decentralized networks.

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